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Creso launches new job program for athletes

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Santo Domingo

The CRESO program has launched a new job market insertion program for all member athletes, thus seeking to help them develop a successful career life, after their athletic career comes to an end.

Since its inception, one of CRESO’s main goals has been for athletes to attain a college education that will allow them to penetrate the job market once their athletic careers end.

The job insertion program is aimed at all member athletes that are within their final studies phase or close to graduating and whom are available for internships, or within the final stages of their athletic career, so that they can begin their insertion in a full-time job position.

“This is the third core pillar of CRESO: We have covered everything regarding their athletic development through the support we offer them to compete, we have also covered the educational aspect, by way of the scholarships we grant them, and now, we will cover their post-athletic career, using this job insertion program as a tool”, so explained Felipe Vicini, CRESO chairman.

The businessman added “what we aim is for their athletic leadership, to transform into professional leadership, and so we will continue to drive positive impact towards our nation’s development, and we will see how a sports glory can possibly become a business leader or head of an NGO”.

As was explained, the program features an aptitude test, which is performed with each athlete, to then develop a professional profile, presented alongside their CV, and the results of the above-mentioned assessment to the CRESO member companies, as well as to other potential companies where said profile can represent an asset”.

The program kicked off with a pilot comprising 17 athletes of which, two have already completed their assessments, and are in process of insertion in the job market.

INICIA’s Human Resources Department, as a CRESO member company, organized the program under which all CRESO member companies: Central Romana Corporation, Claro, Banco Popular, Ferquido, Grupo Universal, Grupo SID, Grupo Rica, Total, and Rizek have joined to support the program. The athletic evaluations are being carried out with the support of Multiplicity.

CRESO currently sponsors 100 active athletes, and 96 former athletes, whom are being contacted, so they can form part of the job market insertion program.


About CRESO:

CRESO is a non-profit organization that consists of the Dominican business community that invests in the development of a high-performance olympic athletic platform, accompanied by academic training of the athletes. VICINI, together with the Dominican Olympic Committee, is responsible for creating CRESO and achieving the involvement of 9 other leading companies that also invest in this program.



INICIA publishes book: Ancestral Flavors

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The inception of a nation’s flavors forms part of that nation’s identity. Ours has been depicted in the recently published book on Dominican Gastronomy “Sabores Ancestrales” (Ancestral Flavors), published by the asset management company, INICIA.

The work contains the recipes of 18 collaborating chefs, all of them whom invested their talent and creativity to exalt Dominican creole cuisine, whose roots sprout from Taino, Spanish and African legacies, hence becoming a reference ideal to convey to present and future generations, as was expressed by Felipe Vicini, Managing Partner of INICIA.

The foreword was written by renowned historian Hugo Tolentino Dipp, whom considered the work as the first-ever encyclopedia on traditional Hispaniolan food.

Among the collaborating chefs were: Carlos J. Estévez, Alberto Martin, Noemí Díaz, Giancarlo Bonarelli, Ciro Casola, Mikey Faxas, Paulette Tejeda, Diana Munné, Severo Stassi, Solange Cid, Ana Marranzini, Leandro Díaz, Emil Vega, Inés Páez, Martin Omar, Dévaki Pratt, María Marte and mixologist Ramón Acevedo.

The book launch was a culinary masterpiece, hosted at the Embassy Garden of the Hotel El Embajador, where special recognition was made to the trajectory and contributions issued by the pioneers of Dominican gastronomy: Chef Mike Mercedes, Mercedes “Chea” Manzano de Ortíz, Ligia Vidal- Bornia, Adria Vidal- Mañón, Esperanza Peña-Lithgow, Silvia Henríquez- Pou, Socorro Castellanos, Eugenia Rojo, Juancho Ortíz, Jacqueline Henriquez, and Amanda María Ornes-Perelló.


INICIA is a private equity firm with thorough experience in the NOLA region, which developed an investment model that lures in distinctive talent, with the aim to create value through sustainable, specialized and diversified investment funds.




INICIA launches book on Dominican gastronomy “Ancestral Flavors”

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EL NUEVO DIARIO, SANTO DOMINGO.- The most emblematic of Dominican creole cuisine come together in the pages of “Ancestral Flavors: Evolution of Dominican Gastronomy”, the new luxury edition book published by the asset management firm INICIA, rendering homage to Dominican cuisine.

The book launch was hosted by Felipe Vicini, Managing Partner of INICIA, whom stressed the importance of this literary work, which seeks not only to preserve the national memory, but to serve as an educational reference to present and future generations on the Taino, Spanish and African heritage that originated this universe of essences and flavors, that we know as our creole cuisine.

The foreword was written by renowned historian Hugo Tolentino Dipp, whom pointed out how “Ancestral Flavors” compiles our most characteristic dishes, therefore, the book can be considered, the first-ever encyclopedia on traditional Dominican creole cuisine. From the first chapter, all the way until the last page, its content describes the most representative preparations, referring to the historical lineage, the products utilized in each dish, and the “procedures” for their elaboration.

The work presents the evolution of Dominican gastronomy, parting from the Taino legacy, the Spanish and African influence, and the resulting cultural melting pot by the Arab, Chinese, Italian, British Cocolo settlers, Haitian, African-American and French cultural influences.

INICIA launches book on Dominican gastronomy - Felipe Vicini

Ancestral Flavors compiles recipes by 18 renowned local chefs, all of them inspired by the typical dishes that grace the Dominican household table and presenting a new culinary interpretation of our ancestral flavors with great versatility and tastiness. The chefs: Carlos Estévez, Alberto Martin, Noemí Díaz, Giancarlo Bonarelli, Ciro Casola, Mikey Faxas, Paulette Tejada, Diana Munné, Saverio Stassi, mixology expert Ramon Acevedo, Solange Cid, Ana Marranzini, Leandro Díaz, Emil Vega, Inés Páez, Martin Omar, Devaki Pratt and María Marte.

During the book launch, special recognition was made to honor the trajectory, creativity and contributions made by the pioneers of Dominican cuisine Mike Mercedes, Mercedes –Chea-Manzano Ortiz, Ligia Vidal- Bornia, Adria Vidal- Mañón, Esperanza Peña- Lithgow, Silvia Henríquez-Pou, Socorro Castellanos, Eugenia Rojo, Juancho Ortiz, Jacqueline Henríquez and Amanda María Ornes -Perelló.

Among the names mentioned in heartfelt gratitude for their help in developing this literary work are Hugo Tolentino Dipp, Marcio Veloz Maggiolo, Bolívar Troncoso, Luis Ros, Dagoberto Tejeda, Dra. Berniza Calderón and chef María Marte. Likewise, Víctor Siladi, Leonardo García, Chef Carlos Estévez, Indira Mejía, Emilia Pereyra, Roxanna García, Marie Benzo, Giorgio Siladi, Anthony Camilo Grullón, Damián Siladi and Chef Paulette Tejeda. All of them valuable members of the team, that in their area of expertise, helped make this edition possible.

As part of the event hosted in the Embassy Garden of Hotel El Embajador, guests sampled all the culinary delicacies from the book, prepared by the Hotel Chef, Israel Gata, alongside Chef Paulette Tejada. More information available at: and App available for download on Google Play and the App Store.


INICIA is a private equity firm with thorough experience in the NOLA region, which developed an investment model that lures in distinctive talent, with the aim to create value through sustainable, specialized and diversified investment funds.




“I’m very happy with those medals. This is good, because it sets the bar higher.”

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SANTO DOMINGO.- There is one word that not even athletes, trainers, technicians, federation members or sports authorities would dare leave out in the equation that helped the Dominican Republic increase its medal-harvest by 39% in the XXIII Central American and Caribbean Games of Barranquilla with respects to Veracruz 2014; that word is CRESO.

10 years after emerging with the aim to “produce model youth leaders, and what better way than through sports?” the program Creando Sueños Olimpicos (CRESO) sponsored the entire preparation process for all sports disciplines that rendered 93 out of 107 medals won by the country on Colombian soil (87%) and 23 of the 25 gold medals came from program athletes.

It was 2008, and the Dominican Republic made 47th place among 204 competing countries at the Peking Olympic Games, thanks to the gold won by boxer Félix Díaz and the silver by Taekwondo champion Gabriel Mercedes, when impresario Felipe Vicini read an article on The London Times, which placed Quisqueya as the grand winner, an analysis measured in correlation to the GDP numbers of that year.

Vicini met with Luisin Mejía, chairman of the Dominican Olympic Committee (COD), and they began targeting key areas, defining profiles, target goals, and making financial contributions to better aid in the athletes’ training, it took some years to make this public. Today, a cluster of 10 companies form this stakeholder portfolio, featuring a total contribution of USD$11,850,000.

“The idea was for them (the athletes) to become known in these international settings, so that when Olympic Game season took place, they would be ready. For the sports federation to not worry”, Vicini said during his meeting with Diario Libre. “We also worry about what (will) happen with those athletes after their athletic lifespan comes to an end. The aim is for them to transition into the labor market, by way of a good education, to a post-athletic professional life”.

“You cannot sit at a table with a businessman and say “Oh, I like so and so”; you need to say why and show them numbers, because in sports, it’s the numbers that resemble those financial figures; in sports, 2+2 does not equal 6, as is the case within their companies”, but this is more shocking because Felipe Vicini is very low-profile when it comes to publicity. CRESO became public after its fourth year. I could not believe what I was seeing”, Mejía said.

“A company that is investing in us and tells us that what they need is for the athletes to study. The sole requirement is getting an education. Scholarships in schools and universities. Students obtaining scholarships abroad. This is a contribution which surpasses every medal. It is a driving force, an incentive, and the idea and formula have replicated, and money is given based on results”, so said the COD chairman and the only Dominican member of the International Olympic Committee. “We always said we are not here to replace the State, but to complement and support”, so said Manuel Luna, CRESO Executive Director.

There are 92 athletes among the 15 disciplines that are part of CRESO, where they choose to study is essential to the cause, and there are no “sacred cows”, as showed by the disciplines that have been expelled from the program. Matter of fact, of the RD$69M we have allocated for budget purposes, this year there are RD$50M which are for sports, and RD$15M for educational expenses. This list features Victor Estrella, Luguelin Santos, Audrys Nin, Yamilet Peña, Luisito Pie and Ivonne Losos.

“If I could go out and jump, I would jump 7ft high. That is how thrilled I feel. I am very happy with all these medals, for the efforts made also by those that did not champion. We had several occasions where we came close but didn’t win”, Vicini said with regards to the Barranquilla results.

“This is good because it sets the bar higher” We need to aspire to higher standards, because this will lead to greater investments. Now in August-September, we are kicking-off with a technical review analysis of all upcoming goals. We only support Olympic disciplines’, the businessman said.

Already, training for the Lima Pan-American 2019 Games has begun; these games are the milestone prior to Tokyo 2020.




INICIA Uses Photo Exhibit to Raise Awareness on Endemic Birds

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INICIA the asset management firm inaugurated the photo exhibit “Alas & Colores: endemic birds of Hispaniola” at the Parque Independencia in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo.

This year, the expo is dedicated to the importance of raising awareness of the native birds of the Dominican Republic and their current perilous situation. It consisted of a 30-image compendium, developed by six (6) renowned photographers: Eladio Fernández; Mario Dávalos; Dax Román; Guillermo Armenteros; Rafael Arvelo, and Miguel Landestoy. In addition was a set of 30 illustrations created by artist Alex Warnick.

Felipe Vicini, INICIA Managing Partner, stressed that this exhibit seeks to raise awareness among the Dominican population, on the importance of preserving these bird species.

“Many of these birds are in extreme peril, and it is up to us to preserve them, from authorities and civil society alike. Hence, we need to promote initiatives aimed to protecting their natural habitat,” Vicini stated.

The expo inauguration was also headed by Mayor David Collado, representatives from public office, businesspersons and the artists responsible for the show.

Mayor Collado thanked the initiative sponsored by INICIA, because it is activities of this nature that give life to the city, while they educate and cultivate the capitol’s population and its visitors.

“For us, it is an honor that INICIA, for the second year-in-a-row hosts these cultural exhibits for the enjoyment of every citizen, thus allowing them the opportunity to enrich themselves with knowledge, and also the privilege of performing sound activities that the entire family can enjoy”, said the Mayor.

The photo imagery exhibit will show until June 15th; viewers can locate the natural habitat of each species in the graphic charts therein displayed, their perilous situation, as well as their scientific information. Also, the book “Alas & Colores” is available for digital download on


INICIA is an asset management firm from the Dominican Republic, with operations in the NOLA (North Latin America) region.




CRESO announces new partner, RIZEK CACAO, a Grupo Rizek company, joins the organization to support high-performance athletes

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CRESO announced the joining of RIZEK CACAO, a Grupo Rizek company, as new investment partner, hence expanding its action radius, as the key vehicle promoting high-performance sports in the private sector.

This company, now a CRESO member, totals 10 private partner entities which support the program, that since 2010, invests in the athletic and academic development of over 90 high-performance athletes.

“To CRESO, it is an honor to announce the joining of another leading company”, so said Felipe Vicini, CRESO Chairman, whom assured that it is proof of how the private sector is more driven each day towards supporting the development of national leaders through sports and education, so they can become the perfect addition the State needs in all sports-related investments.

Meanwhile, Samir Rizek assured that RIZEK CACAO has always admired the sports initiatives that drive our country forward, therefore confirming how proud they feel to join CRESO. “We are convinced that through sports, we can aim towards creating a better nation, and our athletes are the right people to positively influence society, thus they are our best ambassadors abroad, and that is why we invited other leading companies to join in on initiatives like CRESO, so that we can all contribute towards this land we love”, Rizek said.

Luisín Mejía, Chairman of the Dominican Olympic Committee, pointed out that by including RIZEK CACAO in CRESO, this a great sign of support for the upcoming Olympic cycle, whose main challenge this year, are the Central American Games in Barranquilla.

“If other companies join CRESO, we will have a better outcome in Barranquilla, then in Lima 2019, and Tokyo 2020”, Mejia stated, speaking as a member of the International Olympic Committee.

Now, with RIZEK CACAO as part of CRESO, there are 10 investor companies: CENTRAL ROMANA CORPORATION, CLARO, FERQUIDO, INICIA, BANCO POPULAR DOMINICANO, GRUPO RICA, SOCIEDAD INDUSTRIAL DOMINICANA, TOTAL DOMINICANA and UNIVERSAL, alongside the Dominican Olympic Committee, as the technical sports organization.




INICIA launches new Institutional Book: Alas & Colores

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INICIA launched its new institutional/promotional book Alas & Colores: Aves endémicas de La Española (*Wings & Colors: Native Birds of Hispaniola), which was developed by photographer Mario Dávalos, featuring illustrative artwork from the American artist, Alex Warnick.INICIA launches new Institutional Book: Alas & Colores - Felipe

The book presentation was hosted by Felipe Vicini, Managing Partner at INICIA, whom also showcased the 2018 corporate agenda, which also features the same topic, and instead of illustrations, displays a colorful image bank by six artists of the lens, whom contributed their talent and time to this work, now going on its 11th consecutive edition. “We tried to design a book, that asides featuring some of the most beautiful illustrations ever seen of these species, also features text, that far from scientific, features content that is useful and edifying about each of the species, and complement the artwork”, Vicini explained.INICIA launches new Institutional Book: Alas & Colores - Felipe

On his behalf, Dávalos thanked INICIA for the trust bestowed in him and the agency, CAPITAL DBG, which he owns and founded 11 years ago, for the opportunity to produce this corporate book and agenda for INICIA. “I can’t explain what this important experience has meant to me and the team. More than a book, this is a comprehensive project, where we developed a platform that gives purpose to its very baseline reason: to immortalize the relevance and beauty of the native birds of our island”, he expressed.INICIA launches new Institutional Book: Alas & Colores - Felipe

The book features text by Yolanda León, Andrea Thomén, Simón Guerrero and James Goetz; the agenda features photos by Eladio Fernández, Guillermo Armenteros, Rafael Arvelo, Dax Román, Miguel Landestoy and Dávalos himself. The edition, a non-profit and limited distribution publication, is also available on .pdf format in the book website:, and raises awareness on the importance of preserving wildlife and the environment.


INICIA is a private equity firm with vast experience in the NOLA (North Latin America) Region, known for developing an alluring talent and investment model, aiming to generate value through sustainable, specialized and diversified investment funds.




ODEPA Chairman expresses interest in CRESO Program

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The Chair at Creando Sueños Olímpicos, Felipe Vicini and Luis Oviedo, chairman of the Dominican Olympic Committee, presented the CRESO Program to the Chair of Panam Sports, Neven Ilic, who seemed very interested in the initiative driven by key private companies of the Dominican Republic.

During the Meet & Greet hosted in the Corporate Office of INICIA, founding partner of CRESO, the International Olympic Committee chairman learned about how the program began in 2009, and how since then it has continued growing and formalizing until presently reaching a total of nine (9) investor companies and 92 beneficiary athletes and 15 different disciplines.

“To all the companies that invest in CRESO, our sole interest is to help our athletes reach their Olympic dreams, and become leaders to our future generations, in exchange for them to complete their education and prepare for a post-athletic life”, Vicini explained to Ilic.

Meanwhile, Luisín Mejía explained that CRESO has been the helping hand that has come to strategically complement the investments made by the State in high-performance athletes. “Now the COD, the Sports Ministry and the private sector work together in a strategic plan that has already begun to render positive outcomes, and whose sole goal are the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games”, so explained the Dominican Olympic Committee chairman.

The Meet & Greet served as a space to share experiences from other athletic investment programs, such as ADO Chile, where Ilic had the opportunity to work closely with for several years, while serving as Chair of the Chilean Olympic Committee.

Once the Meet ended, Vicini and Mejía seized the moment to personally gift an edition of the book GLORIAS, which INICIA published last year, in tribute to the 70years of the Dominican Olympic Committee.

About CRESO:

CRESO is a non-profit entity, which invests in the sports development of Dominican high-performance athletes, combined with an academic education. The investors of CRESO are: CENTRAL ROMANA CORPORATION, CLARO, FERQUIDO, BANCO POPULAR DOMINICANO, GRUPO RICA, GRUPO SID, GRUPO UNIVERSAL, TOTAL DOMINICANA and INICIA.




Creso Athletes Wow the Crowd in Taipei

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The World University Games “Universiada Taipei 2017” (*Collegelympics) also known as the “University Olympic Games,” wrapped on Wednesday with a well-praised performance by the Dominican Republic, winning 18th place among all participating countries, surpassing Hispanic-American superpowers such as Brazil, Spain, Jamaica and Colombia.

The CRESO Program congratulated the delegation, which won a total of 6 medals, 4 of them gold and 2 silver.

“For us, the most important thing is to help our athletes build their Olympic dreams, and see how all their medals were won by member athletes, and that fills us with pride,” said Manuel Luna, executive director to CRESO.

The CRESO athletes that championed in Taipei were: Audrys Nin, for gymnastics; Luguelín and Juander Santos, each of them on track and field; Luis Charles who co-championed with the Santos brothers on the 4 x 400 in track and field. Beatríz Pirón and Luis García, both won silver on weightlifting.

“This is the beginning of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic cycle, and we’re already on the right track. Now, the Bolivarian Games, the Central American Games and the Pan-American Games of 2017, 2018 and 2019. If we work together with the Sports Ministry and the Dominican Olympic Committee in a strategic manner, we can achieve an amazing outcome,” Luna concluded.


CRESO is a non-profit entity, which invests in the athletic development of Dominican athletes, combined with an academic education. Its chairman is businessman Felipe Vicini, who praised the work of these athletes at the University Olympic Games of Taipei and exhorted them to continue pursuing success.

The  CRESO  investor companies are Banco Popular, Central Romana Corporation, Claro, Ferquido, Grupo RICA, Grupo SID, Total Dominicana, Universal and INICIA.


The next Dominican delegation appointment is scheduled for the Bolivarian Games, set to take place in Santa Marta, Colombia, from November 11th to the 25th, and next year, the Central American Games, also to be hosted in Colombia, on July 19th till August 3rd, 2018.




The DR Olympic Glories Make it to the IDB Atrium in Washington

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Washington, D.C.– The atrium of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) headquarters hosted the new photo showcase for the book “GLORIES: Going for the Gold” and “The Inclusion Games” as part of the formal launch of the 25th Dominican Week in the US (SemDomUSA), an initiative led by the American Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic (AmChamDR).

The exhibit is based on the most recent publications by INICIA, launched in December 2016, which are tribute to the Olympic Pan-American and Paralympic national athletes. Both publications were edited on occasion of the 70th anniversary of the creation of the Dominican Olympic Committee.

During the event, the chairman and managing partner of INICIA, Felipe Vicini, referred to the showcase as “our effort to distinguish those heroes that make our nation proud in every competition for which they represent their country. Because it is our Olympic Glories who are the true protagonists of this story.

Vicini also explained to the attendees how the CRESO program works, by investing directly in 78 high-performance athletes, all of them Dominican-born, and the reason why a meeting was sustained between the IDB and Georgetown University with hopes to expanding the CRESO program.

The Olympic medalist Gabriel Mercedes spoke during the event and expressed his gratitude on behalf of all Dominican athletes for this recognition abroad.

The exhibit will remain open to the public until May 19th. “This will allow hundreds of people from different countries and nationalities, including the Dominican diaspora in DC, to learn more about our GLORIES, their history, and to appreciate the fine work that everyone involved in this book achieved as result,” Vicini concluded.


For 25 years, Dominican Week in U.S. has highlighted the values of Dominican patriotism in prestigious scenarios of the business, cultural, academic and political sectors. The activity contributes to enhancing the international reputation of the nation and its nations, throughout an intense activities program that gathers key personalities.

SEMDOMUSA is sponsored by Barrick, Citi, Claro Dominicana, Marítima Dominicana, Grupo RICA, Squire, Patton & Boggs, Bepensa, INICIA, Martí PG, Humano Seguros, Banco Popular, CESPM, CXO Consulting, Haina International Terminal- HIT, Banco BHD-León, Mercado Media Network, Lift Air Group, Latin American Free Zone- PIISA, the Quisqueya Binational Economic Council (*Consejo Económico Binacional Quisqueya (CEBQ), Jiménez Cruz Peña Attorneys, Gerdau Metaldom, The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic, Grupo Punta Cana, Línea Clave, MITUR and Delta Airlines.

 Also sponsoring to make SemDomUSA possible are AES Dominicana, Hanes Caribe, Aerodom, Seaboard, Central Romana Corporation, ProCigar, Rizek Cacao, the Inter-American Development Bank, the D.R Embassy in D.C, AmCham, the Consulate General of the D.R in New York, the World Bank Group and the National Supermarket Association.