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INICIA presents collector’s edition book “Casa de los Vitrales”

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The book tells the many stories proper of the early 1900s; this research was headed by renowned architect José Battle.

Photos: Dania Acevedo

The “Casa de los Vitrales” (*in English: “The Manor of Colorful Windows”) is breathtaking and solid in structure, reasons which awaken curiosity to learn more about the property, a possibility turned reality thanks to the launch of the luxury publication which tells its story since its groundbreaking. The initiative is the work of the asset management firm INICIA, as tribute to the advances and evolution of colonial architecture.

“With the manor’s centennial close upon, the property was subjected to a full restoration process, returning it to its original state”, as explained by Felipe Vicini, Managing Partner of INICIA, stating that the book also narrates the subtleties of crucial times which struck the structure, such as the Saint Zenon Hurricane, its further renaissance, the rise  and of the fall of authoritarian rule, such as the Revolution of 1965, transcending from a family residence and hence becoming an important milestone of Dominican history”.

By ends of the launch ceremony, Felipe Vicini delivered a copy of “Casa de los Vitrales” to Beatriz del Cueto, a Conservationist Architect, whom wrote the book’s foreword and to the Ministers of Culture and Tourism, Eduardo Selman, and Francisco Javier García, as well as to the Mayor of the National District, David Collado.


INICIA presenta libro de colección sobre la “Casa de los Vitrales”

David Collado, Margarita Cedeño de Fernández, Felipe Vicini, Francisco Javier García and Eduardo Selman

INICIA presenta libro de colección sobre la “Casa de los Vitrales”

Andrea and Roberto Canepari

INICIA presenta libro de colección sobre la “Casa de los Vitrales”

José Rodríguez and Sandra Garip